We have the perfect size units just for you and your winter needs!

Winter is right around the corner! We have been so blessed with a rich colorful fall season and now it is time to enjoy the holiday festivities and warm coco! 

Here at Lakeside Storage and Museum we have units prepared just for you for all your winter needs! 5x10 to hide all your Christmas gifts, 10x10 to put those extra tables and chairs your going to be needing for Thanksgiving and even 10x20 and up to help make some room this season for you and your family. Stop by or call the office today to hear about our daily specials and book your unit with us today! 

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WITH ALL OF THAT SAID... We have made their Top 15 "Most Instagrammable Spots in Provo, Utah." Check out their post, and don't forget to tag us in your photos when you're on the property! 

Thanks for being amazing tenants, and helpings us get here! Don't forget about to leave a review for credit on your account! 

The Lakeside Management Team! 

Looking for Ways to Ensure Your Unit is Rodent Free?

Although Lakeside Storage hasn't encountered many problems with mice in units, it's always smart to take precaution to prevent them. One of the best ways to ensure they don't take a liking to your unit is to not store any food in your units. A dry home and free food is enticing to even the smallest of creatures! We also suggest placing rodent poison somewhere inside your unit. That way any unwelcome critter who could potentially wander into the wrong unit wont be a long term guest! Our office sells packets of Havoc Rodent Poison for only $3. Another option is to soak some cotton balls in peppermint oil and place them strategically around your unit. The smell of peppermint will have any rodent running in the opposite direction! 

Where Are You Storing This Winter?

Summer is coming to an end and you may already be wondering where you're going to store all your summer toys. Let Lakeside Storage make it an easy decision for you with our wide aisles, variety of sizes and unbeatable pricing! Need somewhere to park your family RV? Outdoor parking spots start at only $50 a month. How about getting your boat out of the garage so you don't have to unbury your car from the snow this winter? We have 12X30 to 13X70 units to accommodate any boat length or width with pricing starting at only $148 a month. And don't forget about your new patio furniture or the kids bikes! We have 10X20 units and smaller that start at only $56 a month. With our convenient location and security features reclaiming your space has never been easier! 

Drive-Up Access Units

All of Lakeside Storages units offer drive-up access! Wondering what the perk to that may be? Instead of having to wonder down a hallway to your storage unit with your hands full of heavy belongings, you can conveniently pull your vehicle right up to your door! Dropping off or picking up items has never been easier. Drive-up access also allows you to store your vehicle, you can drive straight in! Call Lakeside Storage to rent the perfect unit for you and your belongings. 

Maximize Your Storage Unit

Whether you're a new storage tenant or a pro, maximizing your storage space is always essential! Here are two tips to make the most of your space. First- Stack your items! At Lakeside Storage no matter how big or small of a unit you rent, you can expect quite a bit of stacking space. Make sure and store your heavier boxed items on the bottom, and lighter on top. You'll also want to make sure that your boxes are full to avoid any collapsing. Second- Take advantage of any book shelves or dressers you may be storing! Use the shelves or drawers to store any smaller boxes or any items you may not want boxed.  Not only have you taken advantage of the floor space in your unit, but also the height!

All units scheduled for our May 6th auction have been paid for so this Saturdays auction is cancelled! Our next auction will be Saturday, June 3rd at 11AM!

Comparing Storage Parks?

Are you trying to decide which storage facility is going to work best for your family and give you the most bang for your buck? Lakeside Storage is unlike most storage facilities in Utah County. With our unit sizes ranging from 5X8s to 13X70s and prices that beat our competitors you're sure to find the perfect size for your belongings. Our property is enclosed by a high voltage electric fence with computerized gate access to enter for maximum security. Throughout the property we also have over a dozen cameras with 24 hour monitoring and recording. But the one thing that really sets Lakeside apart from our competitors is our 6 friendly on-site managers who do rounds twice a day to make sure everything in the park is in check! Come check out Lakeside Storage for yourself Monday through Saturday 9AM to 6PM and let us help you reclaim your space!

Did You Forget Something While Moving?

Moving can be stressful and we know its easy to forget the little things to protect your items in storage! Lakeside Storage proudly retails the following items:

  • Single Locks $12
  • Double Locks $20
  • Rodent Poison $3
  • Oil Spill Cleaner $4
  • 10x20 Plastic Cover $5
  • 9x12 Plastic Cover $3

Let Lakeside be your Student Headquarters this Summer

Its about that time when all the students in the valley are preparing to go home for the summer or start a new adventure! Let Lakeside Storage be your student headquarters for great storage and pricing this summer. Rent a 5X8 unit for only $56 a month or a 10X10 unit for only $83. Bring your current university student ID and drivers license down when you rent any 5X8-10X10 unit until June 1st to have your $15 administration fee waived!

Come Visit our Museum with your Club or Group

Lakesides Petroliana Museum is happy to offer FREE ADMISSION to all of our visitors. With all of our gas pumps, signs, vintage cars and planes its perfect for your club or groups next outing! The museum is open from 9AM to 6PM Monday through Saturday. Check out the Utah Valley Model A Club enjoying our museum today with all of their beautiful cars!

Reclaim Your Space

Is your garage full of your old strollers and buckets of sports gear? Has your spare bedroom become full of out of season clothes and all of your kids old toys? Have the stacks of mail and old documents taken over your dining room table? RECLAIM YOUR SPACE! Take back all of the room around your home and store your "extras" at Lakeside Storage. Our variety of sizes paired with unbeatable pricing makes reclaiming any space easy!