About Our Facility

4095 West Center Street Provo, UT 84601


Gate Hours:

Everyday: 5:00am - 11:00pm

Office Hours:

Monday - Saturday: 9:00am - 6:00pm


AAA Lakeside Storage is a 16 acre facility. We have a greater variety of large units with tall and wide doors so you can more easily back your trailers, boats, motor homes or large trucks with less risk.

AAA Lakeside has the some of the most advanced security systems offered on the market today to make your stored items safer. We have electronic computerized access gates with 24 hour monitoring. We have six on site managers who, along with other security personnel, make facility "rounds" over 8 times each day. We have high voltage electric and chain link/barbed wire fences providing maximum security. We have multiple security cameras with 24 hour monitoring and recorders.


Lakeside is extremely easy to drive to with the largest vehicles as it is only a 2 mile straight run from I-15 on Provo Center street. We are in a very safe neighborhood.

We boast some of the largest storage units in the valley with over 150 large 12' x 30' and 12' x 60' units along with over 100 13' x 70' and 13' x 35' tall door units for tall boats and motor homes as well as personal items.

When we combine all of this convenience and safety with some of the lowest per square foot prices in the State, the customer always wins. We want your business, and our prices beginning as low as $0.09 per square foot show it. Whether it is indoor or outdoor space that you need, AAA Lakeside Storage is the cheapest and best choice in Utah!