Auction, Auction Read all about it!

Hi friends!!!

We have 2 auctions within the next month!!

July 21st and August 11th. Both will be at 10:00am. 

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Secure Storage is Our Game

Picking the right facility to store some of your most important valuables is scary! The most common question new tenants ask is if we have issues with theft, and we are proud to be able to answer "NO"! Aside from our secure keypad and gate which locks overnight, fenced in property, electric fence, cameras and 6 ONSIGHT MANAGERS (yes, you read that right) we also personally drive the property a minimum of 2 times per day just checking locks on units! Your Lakeside managers are here to enforce a safe and secure storage facility so you don't have to worry! 


It's summer and Lakeside Storage is in full swing! While picking up and dropping off your boats, RVs and personal belongings we just ask that you remove all trash or unwanted items from the property. Unfortunately Lakeside does not have a public garbage for tenant use! We hope all of our tenants and a safe and fabulous summer! 

Summer Dog .jpg

ZERO Tolerance Policy

Lakeside Storage is proud to stand behind an absolute ZERO tolerance policy. Any suspicious activity, drug use or theft will result in an immediate eviction. We love our tenants and want to keep Lakeside Storage a safe and secure place to store your valuables!

Lakeside Storage Wars

Have you ever seen the show STORAGE WARS? 


Have you ever wanted to attend an auction? Well, you are in luck! We hold our own version of Storage Wars once a month! We don't have a large camera crew following us, but we do have units that have furniture, vehicles, and even some fun boxes (and if we have learned anything from Storage Wars, some boxes are worth QUITE a bit of money)!! 


May 12

We currently have 5 units that will go to auction on the date above! Call us if you have any questions! 

Is this you??? Let us help!


End of school is coming and trust me, I know you are in stress mode! You have to a pass your classes, you have to move out of your apartment DURING THE WEEK OF FINALS, and you are going back home for the summer. To top it all off, you have drive a Toyota Corolla that will NOT hold all of your stuff while you go back home.  Seriously, do you feel like this when you're packing??? 


Here, let us help you! Do not try to pack up your whole life/apartment up into your car, especially since you will be back in a few months! Have you ever heard of SELF-STORAGE?? 

Down here at Lakeside Storage, we have units in all sizes that can help you! This will save you time and effort! Then you won't have to move your bed back and forth! We WANT to help you, so... we will give you a discounted rate plus a special promotion, if you rent with us! Any student that cane show us their school ID will receive this discount and special promotion! (It's simple, mention this blog post and you're golden!)

Let us hold all of your treasures while you're away!

Car with Couch.png

Pics or it Didn't Happen...

With all of the fun festivities just around the corner (Prom, Graduation, etc.) we want to invite anyone and everyone to come and take your pictures here! 

Our old signs, cars, airplanes and gas pumps make a great backdrop for your pictures, and we want you to come and check them out. Come down during business hours (9-6pm, Monday-Saturday) to take your group or individual photos. THEN tag us in any you post! We will share your awesome photos on our social media, #retweet #repost #doubletap

Give us a call if you have any questions! Also, check out our "Tour" page for back stories on some of the signs, cars, airplanes and pumps we have out in our park! 

Here are just SOME of the pictures we have been tagged in, reach out to the photographers if you want them to take some fun pictures of you: 

Outdoor vs Indoor

Are you trying to decide whether your boat, RV or car would be better in an outdoor unit or indoor? Lakeside is proud to offer the cheapest outdoor parking in the valley by at least $20! For only $50 a month it is perfect if you just need a temporary place to park an extra vehicle or if you plan on pulling your boat or RV in and out all summer long! Since all of our outdoor units are along the edge of our property you can expect more space to back in or out your larger items. During our multiple daily rounds you can rest assure that its being checked every business day. To keep your vehicle, boat or RV safe from the sun or environment we recommend keeping a tarp over it! Lakeside Storages' outdoor units are the perfect solution for a cheap and easy storing experience this summer!

Did You Know Lakeside is a Straight Shot off the Highway?

Wondering how you're going to haul your oversized trailer to your new storage unit when its in the middle of town? Forget all the turns and inconvenient traffic! Lakeside Storage is conveniently located approximately a mile off I-15! No sharp turns or weird round-abouts. Just a straight shot down Center Street in Provo! Combine that with our wide aisles and you've found yourself the perfect storage facility. 


Are you trying to decide which storage facility is going to work best for your family and give you the most bang for your buck? Lakeside Storage is unlike most storage facilities in Utah County. With our unit sizes ranging from 5X8s to 13X70s and prices that beat our competitors you're sure to find the perfect size for your belongings. Our property is enclosed by a high voltage electric fence with computerized gate access to enter for maximum security. Throughout the property we also have over a dozen cameras with 24 hour monitoring and recording. But the one thing that really sets Lakeside apart from our competitors is our 6 friendly on-site managers who do rounds twice a day to make sure everything in the park is in check! Come check out Lakeside Storage for yourself Monday through Saturday 9AM to 6PM and let us help you reclaim your space!

Looking For a Way to Maximize the Space in Your Unit?

Whether you're a new storage tenant or a pro, maximizing your storage space is always essential! Here are two tips to make the most of your space. First- Stack your items! At Lakeside Storage no matter how big or small of a unit you rent, you can expect quite a bit of stacking space. Make sure and store your heavier boxed items on the bottom, and lighter on top. You'll also want to make sure that your boxes are full to avoid any collapsing. Second- Take advantage of any book shelves or dressers you may be storing! Use the shelves or drawers to store any smaller boxes or any items you may not want boxed.  Not only have you taken advantage of the floor space in your unit, but also the height!

Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air! We will be doing some spring cleaning around the outdoor units during March and April! If you are storing anything along the outside perimeter please make sure all items such as gas tanks, batteries, tarps, boxes, tools etc. are placed inside the vehicle being stored, otherwise we will pick it up and remove it from the property. This includes having items under, to the side or behind the stored item! Thank you so much for your understanding! 

Stop by the office and receive a daily special on the following units! Only until supplies last and only for TODAY!!

  • 5x8 $43
  • 5x10 $52
  • 10x10 $64
  • 10x20 $115

Have you seen the new "TOUR" tab on our website? Next time you're on property pull it up to find cool facts about our collection!