It's Our Last Full Business Day Until After Christmas!

Today is our last 9-6 business day until after Christmas! Hurry in to make a payment, rent a new unit or just pick up a last minute stocking stuffer for the retro enthusiast in your home! Christmas Eve we will be open 9-12, Christmas day closed, and back in the office with our usual business hours on the 26th! We hope your holidays are jolly and bright!

christmas tree.jpg

Not a Water Leak, Just Condensation

As you are storing in a non-climate controlled unit, we recommend that you make sure your items are protected from mother nature's weather! Lately our weather has been below 40 degrees at night and sunshine during the day. As a safety precaution we ask that you check your self storage units with care, make sure your items are covered, sealed, and protected from any climate frost or condensation. Our office sells 9x12 plastic covers for $3 that we recommend to lay over any items you want to keep from any condensation drops this winter! Happy winter! 

Condensation Drop.png

Secure Storage is Our Game

Picking the right facility to store some of your most important valuables is scary! The most common question new tenants ask is if we have issues with theft, and we are proud to be able to answer "NO"! Aside from our secure keypad and gate which locks overnight, fenced in property, electric fence, cameras and 6 ONSIGHT MANAGERS (yes, you read that right) we also personally drive the property a minimum of 2 times per day just checking locks on units! Your Lakeside managers are here to enforce a safe and secure storage facility so you don't have to worry! 

HO HO HO, the Holidays are Here!

Santa is coming to town and he's letting us share his Christmas specials early! Even to those on the naughty list! Here's what we're giving-

  • Rent a new outdoor unit and receive $10 off your monthly rent

  • Rent a new 5X8-10X10 unit and receive $10 off your month rent

(All specials are based upon availability so hurry in quick!)

We also currently have a 13X70 (indoor pull through) available for only $271 a month! 

Ho Ho Ho, the holidays are here and they're so good! 


Nobody has time for MICE!

Although Lakeside Storage hasn't encountered many problems with mice in units, it's always smart to take precaution to prevent them. One of the best ways to ensure they don't take a liking to your unit is to not store any food in your units. A dry home and free food is enticing to even the smallest of creatures! We also suggest placing rodent poison somewhere inside your unit. That way any unwelcome critter who could potentially wander into the wrong unit wont be a long term guest! Our office sells packets of Havoc Rodent Poison for only $3. Another option is to soak some cotton balls in peppermint oil and place them strategically around your unit. The smell of peppermint will have any rodent running in the opposite direction!


Did You Forget Something While Moving?

Moving can be stressful and we know its easy to forget the little things to protect your items in storage! Lakeside Storage proudly retails the following items for your convenience:

  • Single Locks $12

  • Double Locks $20

  • Rodent Poison $3

  • Oil Spill Cleaner $4

  • 10x20 Plastic Cover $5

  • 9x12 Plastic Cover $3

Our Top 2 Recommended Items for Your Unit

We love our tenants and want to help protect their items! Here are our top 2 items that we wish all tenants would place inside their units. Our first, mouse poison! Although we don't have a “mouse problem” we are located in the middle of fields and highly recommend every unit have a pack or two of rodent poison. If every unit took the precaution mice would steer clear of our facility! Second, a cover! With weather fluctuations condensation is very possible! We recommend placing a plastic cover over your items to prevent any condensation drops from getting on or inside your items. Both of these items are sold inside our office for tenant convenience! We sell packets of rodent poison for only $3 and plastic covers for $3-5. Taking the extra precaution will always pay off when renting self storage!


We want to thank all of our amazing tenants! Our park would not be what it is without you! We are so grateful for the relationships that we’ve developed with so many of you and hope to get to know the rest better! We are so happy we have such a smooth sailing park and its because of you! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Need a Size we Dont Have? Leave Us Your Number!

If you’ve called needing a certain size that we currently don’t have please leave your name and number with us! We get turnover on units monthly and the size you’re looking for could pop up soon! Lakeside Storage works hard to help everyone “reclaim their space” and we want to get you into the perfect unit size as quickly as we can! Call Lakeside today to add your name to a waitlist or check availability!

Outdoor Pull Through Units Available SOON

If you haven't already heard, we’re adding outdoor pull through units! Eliminate the hassle of backing in and out of a unit! Or if you’re storing multiple items in one space, you’ll love the convenience of being able to access any of your items quickly! We hope to be able to offer these 10X60 units to you in the next couple of weeks! If you haven't already, hurry and call to get your name on our waiting list as its filling up fast!