A New Year, a New You

The new year is coming up, and we all know that what means.... DECLUTTERING TIME!!

But seriously, does your world feel like this:

hording Photos.jpg

But it probably looks more like this: 


Well, we can totally help you with that!! Renting a storage unit is the perfect way to DECLUTTER YOUR HOUSE!! Decluttering will make your house look like this: 

clean house.jpg

Storing your stuff will make it so you don't have to throw away all the things you know you'll need, but you don't need now. FOR INSTANCE: Christmas trees, Gift wrap, present your mother-in-law gave you, but you don't want to put it up in your house, but you know she will ask about it next Christmas... WE GET IT. 

Come #reclaimyourspace with #LakesideStorage!