Our Top Moving Hacks

Moving is a hassle, no matter how many times you've done it! Let us share with you some of our favorite moving hacks!

1. Color code boxes using stickers to assign colors to certain rooms- Blue stickered boxes belong in the living room, yellow stickers in the kitchen, etc!

2. Use clothes to protect glassware and save space- Buying tissue paper and bubble wrap is a hassle and expensive! Use soft clothing to wrap vases, cups, lamps, etc.

3. Pack paper plates between your china or ceramic plates- Stick paper plates between your china plates or new ceramic ones to prevent them from clanking together and cracking

4. Put loose hardware in labeled bags- If you've had to take apart your kitchen table keep the loose hardware in a labeled bag so you don't lose the small pieces. To make it even easier, tape the bag to the furniture it belongs to!

5. Put stretch wrap under the lid of bottles full of liquid- Are you bringing the expensive bottle of olive oil you bought on vacation with you? Try stretching plastic wrap over the opening of the bottle and putting the lid on over it to prevent leaks!

6. Take a picture of cords before unplugging- Not sure you will remember where all the cords plug in on your media center after the big move? Take a picture before you unplug it!

7. Put stretch wrap over your dresser drawers- Don't waste time packing and unpacking your dresser drawers, put stretch wrap over the top of them and stack!

8. Use garbage bags to move your clothes on hangers- Keeping a handful of hangers together is hard work! Cut a slit in the bottom of a trash bag to put the hook of your hanger through so they stay together more easily! This will also protect your clothes from getting anything on them!

9. Donate as much as you can- If you haven't worn it in a year or don't have use for it any longer, donate it!

10. Pack essentials in a "first night box"- Toothbrush, deodorant, clean clothes, etc.

11. Store at AAA Lakeside Storage- Take advantage of our variety of sizes, unbeatable pricing, wide aisles and friendly staff!