Jurassic Park at Lakeside Storage

Dino's at Lakeside Storage have started reproducing like mice and now they're everywhere you look! I see little kids riding on them so they must be tame? Maybe I'll give it a try myself if I can get up the guts to get on one without a saddle. Two years ago when I thought I could ride a horse bareback that our son was looking at buying I wound up with a broken pelvis out of the rodeo he put me through so I'm more careful nowadays! No smarter, but more careful!

Sinclair Dinosaur

We're Giving you $15 Off, New Tenants!

NEW TENANTS! We're looking for you! Stop by Lakeside Storage and enjoy $15 off! We can't wait to show you why our tenants love storing with us so much!


Lakeside Storage Wars

Have you ever seen the show STORAGE WARS? 


Have you ever wanted to attend an auction? Well, you are in luck! We hold our own version of Storage Wars once a month! We don't have a large camera crew following us, but we do have units that have furniture, vehicles, and even some fun boxes (and if we have learned anything from Storage Wars, some boxes are worth QUITE a bit of money)!! 


May 12

We currently have 5 units that will go to auction on the date above! Call us if you have any questions! 

Is this you??? Let us help!


End of school is coming and trust me, I know you are in stress mode! You have to a pass your classes, you have to move out of your apartment DURING THE WEEK OF FINALS, and you are going back home for the summer. To top it all off, you have drive a Toyota Corolla that will NOT hold all of your stuff while you go back home.  Seriously, do you feel like this when you're packing??? 


Here, let us help you! Do not try to pack up your whole life/apartment up into your car, especially since you will be back in a few months! Have you ever heard of SELF-STORAGE?? 

Down here at Lakeside Storage, we have units in all sizes that can help you! This will save you time and effort! Then you won't have to move your bed back and forth! We WANT to help you, so... we will give you a discounted rate plus a special promotion, if you rent with us! Any student that cane show us their school ID will receive this discount and special promotion! (It's simple, mention this blog post and you're golden!)

Let us hold all of your treasures while you're away!

Car with Couch.png

Pics or it Didn't Happen...

With all of the fun festivities just around the corner (Prom, Graduation, etc.) we want to invite anyone and everyone to come and take your pictures here! 

Our old signs, cars, airplanes and gas pumps make a great backdrop for your pictures, and we want you to come and check them out. Come down during business hours (9-6pm, Monday-Saturday) to take your group or individual photos. THEN tag us in any you post! We will share your awesome photos on our social media, #retweet #repost #doubletap

Give us a call if you have any questions! Also, check out our "Tour" page for back stories on some of the signs, cars, airplanes and pumps we have out in our park! 

Here are just SOME of the pictures we have been tagged in, reach out to the photographers if you want them to take some fun pictures of you: 

It's time to make space for your holiday guests!

Winter is approaching and we are rapidly getting closer to the holiday season. For many, this means holiday parties are right around the corner. So before it gets too cold outside, how can you make more room in your home for guests and more holiday décor?

Its officially times to clean out your spare bedrooms where you’ve been stacking your families summer clothes because it’s the holidays!  Make a pile of all the shorts, flip flops and swimsuits your family isn’t going to need for the next 6 months and prepare them for storage. Organize everything for each child or for each item of clothing (shorts, t-shirts, etc.) and store them in a sealable bag. If your concerned about damage to clothing you can purchase a package of mothballs from Walmart or any other general store to put in each bag for extra protection. You can also store your boxes of packaged clothing on pallets for extra protection against any water that might seep into your unit.  

Let’s move on to your garage. Start with your families’ summer sporting gear; baseball bats, soccer balls, paddleboards and kayaks. How about your lawn equipment? Clean out the bulky lawn mower and your summer gardening tools. If you have spare vehicles, motorcycles or bicycles you won’t need during the winter, move those to the storage unit as well. You can even store the new patio furniture you bought this summer! Don’t let your new awning get ruined in the wind and snow. And voila! You now have an extra covered space for your guests to park so they don’t have to unbury their car every morning!