We're Giving you $15 Off, New Tenants!

NEW TENANTS! We're looking for you! Stop by Lakeside Storage and enjoy $15 off! We can't wait to show you why our tenants love storing with us so much!


Not a Water Leak, Just Condensation

As you are storing in a non-climate controlled unit, we recommend that you make sure your items are protected from mother nature's weather! Lately our weather has been below 40 degrees at night and sunshine during the day. As a safety precaution we ask that you check your self storage units with care, make sure your items are covered, sealed, and protected from any climate frost or condensation. Our office sells 9x12 plastic covers for $3 that we recommend to lay over any items you want to keep from any condensation drops this winter! Happy winter! 

Condensation Drop.png

Have You Been to our Beautiful Library?

Lakeside Storages mini managers spent a lot of time at the Provo Public Library this summer to keep cool! And as winter approaches we’re prepared to go to the library to stay warm! If you’re a library regular be on the look out for Lakeside Management for fun giveaways! If you're not a library regular go check it out! They have so many fun activities and the building is gorgeous!

Provo Library.jpg
Provo Library1.jpg

Hurry in Before it Gets Cold!

Fall is here which means cold weather is getting closer and closer! And cold weather means you’re going to want to spend more time inside! So take back the kitchen table or the corner in the living room so you have more space for the things you’ll want to do inside! We are offering TONS of great promotions to get you into the perfect unit while its still warm out! Call or stop by today!


Our outdoor parking expansion is just about ready to open! Have you seen all of our new cool signs? If you are on our waiting list you should receive a call either this weekend or next week with an update on the spot you are waiting for! If you aren't on our list, contact us today We can’t wait to open our gate for you guys!

Outdoor Pull Through Units Coming SOON

You asked and we listened! Lakeside Storage will be offering outdoor pull-through units beginning in October! Forget the hassle of backing your boat or RV in and out of units! Call the office today to get your name on the waitlist! Units will go fast and you wont want to miss them! 

It's time to make space for your holiday guests!

Winter is approaching and we are rapidly getting closer to the holiday season. For many, this means holiday parties are right around the corner. So before it gets too cold outside, how can you make more room in your home for guests and more holiday décor?

Its officially times to clean out your spare bedrooms where you’ve been stacking your families summer clothes because it’s the holidays!  Make a pile of all the shorts, flip flops and swimsuits your family isn’t going to need for the next 6 months and prepare them for storage. Organize everything for each child or for each item of clothing (shorts, t-shirts, etc.) and store them in a sealable bag. If your concerned about damage to clothing you can purchase a package of mothballs from Walmart or any other general store to put in each bag for extra protection. You can also store your boxes of packaged clothing on pallets for extra protection against any water that might seep into your unit.  

Let’s move on to your garage. Start with your families’ summer sporting gear; baseball bats, soccer balls, paddleboards and kayaks. How about your lawn equipment? Clean out the bulky lawn mower and your summer gardening tools. If you have spare vehicles, motorcycles or bicycles you won’t need during the winter, move those to the storage unit as well. You can even store the new patio furniture you bought this summer! Don’t let your new awning get ruined in the wind and snow. And voila! You now have an extra covered space for your guests to park so they don’t have to unbury their car every morning!