A phrase we often hear in the office is, “I don’t know what size I need”. The first question I like to ask tenants is if they will need more or less space than a single car garage. If the answer is smaller, its typically easy to narrow down any unit size between a 5X8 through 10X20s. One factor you’ll need to decide is if what you’re storing will require a roll up door (like a garage) or if your standard interior home door will work. Our 5X8 and 5X10 units feature a swinging door while our 10X10 and larger units feature the roll up door. If you’re renting a unit larger than a 10X20 to store a boat, RV or any other item on wheels, please consider the space the hitch will need. A fun feature we’ve added to our website is our “Indoor Storage” page that gives a breakdown of what kind of items will fit into each unit size, check it out! But if it all seems a little confusing still and you’re just unsure, come down to our facility and tour what unit sizes you think may work! Sometimes there’s nothing more helpful than seeing it for yourself!