Loose gravel and wheelchairs just don't mix...

The next day we headed up to Tijeras on dirt/gravel roads where we finally found the guy with the two signs on poles I had purchased. This was going to be very interesting with his loose gravel driveway and me in my, but with the help of his old 8N Ford Tractor, we eventually got them both loaded on my custom built trailer that had special racks on the inside and outside for comfortable carrying bit 18’ long signs on poles.

Of course, I had straps and a bunch of 2x4’s and long screws and my trust screw gun so I could screw and strap everything together as needed.

We left and headed for Joplin where I got more signs and pump parts for our gas pumps from Chuck. Then off to Nebraska where we stayed and went to Church and then me Matt and his wife sho took us down another gravel road for miles and mils until finally arriving at a big farm where they had a cool Yellow Sovereign sign on the 18’ pole. Of course my trailer and truck both have hoists on them for lifting signs and poles so with a little directing I showed Matt and his neighbor how to lift the sign up and set it in the outside rack on the trailer for the tip on to Des Moines.

It was all wonderful except the loose gravel which was hard for me to get around on my wheelchair but all in all we did pretty good!