A Beautiful Buckskin Gelding that had a very calm demeanour or so I thought...

Every serious Collector dreams about going to the most famous of all Gas/Oil shows that is held annually in the early Fall in Des Moines Iowa. Since we are usually still in Hawaii at that exact time we can never make it. As luck would have it, I pulled off another very stupid move last Summer while visiting our eldest son and checking out a new horse he was looking at buying. It was a beautiful 10 year old Buckskin Gelding that had a very calm demeanor. While we were waiting for his appointment of a professional horse trainer to arrive I decided that since I had owned a lot of horses for many years we ought to just try the guy out ourselves.

He didn’t have his saddle or bridle handy but we were in a small 1 acre plot of land and he had a halter on the horse so I didn’t think much about it and convinced him to get on the horse while I led them around the pasture. When the were done the horse just stood quietly beside us in a very friendly manner until I could resist no longer. Of course I am old and fat and a lot less spry than I was 30 years ago when I sold my last horse but I hadn’t lost my eye for a good horse and proceeded to climb the fence next to the horse so I could get my old overweight carcass up on him. It seemed like a pretty nice fit as he was tall and slender with high withers which I sat behind. My son reversed the procedure and he led the horse across the pasture with me on it this time. The new horse was calm and perfectly calm as we walked across the grass so I told him to hand me the single rope halter and walk back to be in the shade under the trees with my his mom. So he did. Within minutes he found a totally different critter under my old body and this guy decided to test me out as he began to crow hop and side buck which sent me bouncing right up on those tall withers where he quickly proceeded to bounce me until I could feel my own insides gettin crushed with my weight and the banging of the withers under me!

Not good at all and I could quickly see I was in serious trouble as I felt my internal parts begin tearing apart inside me. I began yelling for my son Tim to help but before he could get to me I was in such pain and trouble I decided to take my chances and just roll off the horse and take my chances with the ground, which I did!

The horse that gpa jumped off