My Pelvis is What???

Fortunately the horse didn’t step on me nor kick me to make it worse. I hit the dirt and rolled and when they got to me I was unable to get on my feet? I paused for a few seconds and asked for help getting up but was unable to put any weight on my legs at all.

Somehow I managed to get across the street to Tims lawn with a lot of help and denied to rest a while and try and get my strength back. With help of both of them supporting my weight we managed to get me across and lay on the lawn for about an hour while the professional horse trainer proceeded to saddle and bridal the horse and soon saw that this was a very spirited horse that needed a lot of work to be any good at all and would test you every time you mounted him. NOT GOOD!

Obviously Tim sent him back and didn’t buy him. Finally the attention came back tome and without much convincing I agreed to let them haul me to the Hospital to check me out. No I wasn’t going to let them call an ambulance which they first suggested. Waste of money and I didn’t need an ambulance!

We arrived and soon got a Dr and x Rays which clearly showed the bad news! My Pelvis had bed split in half and was separated about 3 “ apart and my bladder had been torn loose and I was bleeding internally…

With that information they doped me up and loaded me in an ambulance and hauled me off to Utah Valley Hospital where the specialist there could “fix” me, or so they thought….