On the Homefront...

We had rebuilt the house so we came in the downstairs with a ramp and had custom made the bathroom so I could get in and out of the tub and off and on the toilet from a narrow wheel chair we had rented. At that time I had four wheel chairs for different things making life a bit easier. One electric, one lightweight, for ease of getting in and out of the trunk and one for the house and another for the trip we were about to take so it could be put on a special box on the back of the trailer to enable motto get me in and out of the truck.

Of course the truck was tall so I could easily slide down from it to the wheel chair but getting front he chair back up into the truck was trickier and required that I lift myself up as Jeannie slid board after board. under me to elevate me the extra 12” to be able to slide back into the truck without putting ANY weight at all on either foot or leg.

All upper body lifting every time. No problem I thought and we soon became adjusted to the new restrictions and challenge of being crippled.