Hanging from the Truck...

We made the long drive to Albuquerque. I had become so tired that upon stopping and parking in the lot just slipped out of the truck door as I held on the inside roof handle while completely forgetting that I was a cripple until my feet hit the ground and my legs had zero strength to hold my body up!

This was months after the accident, so I was healing but also completely atrophied so I could bear no weight at all! Fortunately, my reflexes still worked so I managed to catch myself and hold myself from crumbling on the drive while Jeannie ran and got the wheelchair loose from the trailer and brought it to catch me hanging from the door of the truck. That experience was quite eye-opening to begin the trip.

Blood Clots vrs Bleeding to Death?

I said, “Nice laugh” to the nurse as I tried to chuckle with her but wasn't feeling all that great and couldn’t get my legs wide enough apart just to feel some air after those many days in the hospital!

I was finally released to go to the long term care facility which turned out to be more like a nightmare to me. It was a horrible recovery and I was clearly told: NO WEIGHT on either leg or foot for FOUR months! No airplanes as I was a huge risk for throwing a clot and they didn’t dare give me thinners due to my history of bleeding! I had a 90% chance of internal bleeding if they put me on blood thinners and only 60% chance of throwing clots if they didn’t. Nice odds I thought!


"The Mother Ship"...

We arrived with me semi aware of what was going on and by now in a lot of pain. Of course they called for a pelvis specialist which there is only one of in Utah Valley. Surprise he was in on vacation in Hawaii! Nice I thought, right when I need him. They somehow managed to Catheter me which I was later told I made a lot of complaint about, and then did a procedure to stop the internal bleeding and finally loaded me up in another ambulance and sent me off to the huge new hospital in Salt Lake City they refer to as “The Mother Ship”.

ambulance ride to Murry Hospital

The Cash is Missing???

For many months I have been preparing to make the long trip to Texas, Oklahoma, Joplin Missouri, Kansas City, Council Bluffs to pick up the signs that I had been buying all over the Country but that would be held by friends in those locations until I cold get there to load them up. Just like a little kid at Christmas I can’t sleep as I think about finally getting started on my trip. Finally Sept 4th came and I had planned on leaving at about 6am so we could make the trip to Amarillo that is about a 13 hour trip if all goes well.

As expected I awoke at 4 am in anticipation and we were ready and out the door by 5am. I had filled my little trusty fanny pack with cash just in case we found some unanticipated signs along the trip and remembered putting it on my little suitcase in the closet. As we drove up Spanish Fork Canyon I checked to see if I had the fanny pack with the cash and found that it was no where to be seen. I stopped and checked everywhere including digging through my suitcase! NO fanny pack! I wasn’t panicked as we had left early so we just returned home about 20 min away and went in and checked the closet where I had last seen it. NO fanny pack!I checked everywhere! I rechecked the truck, my suitcase and everything I could think of. Last of all I checked moms suitcase. THERE IT WAS! She had forgotten that she threw it in… OOPS We get a lot of those oops moments these days but were grateful to find it and we’re back on the road again laughing at each other for our old age disabilities.