Balls the size of melons and Pitch Black to boot!

After arriving to the hospital I was cut apart and had 7 bolts and stainless steel plate across my pelvis to pull me back together and hold me firm again. Of course I now have a matching scar to match mom where she had her two c- sections.

When I was awakening from the surgery they asked the same questions they always ask and I gave the same wrong answers I always give until we were all tired and I was awake again. The next few days were awful! My Balls were so big and so black that every nurse in the huge hospital had heard about the freak show up in room 419 and had to come and take a peek…

It was so bad that finally a very old seasoned nurse came on shift and confessed that I had become famous in the hospital and then as she gently lifted my gown almost fell over laughing as she gasped in disbelief! She said, “They told me you were huge but didn’t tell me you were pitch black!!!!”

gpa in hospital