A transfer board and a Jazzy put me right back to work...

Eventually I was able to get in a wheel chair and finally Julie and mom went to Salt Lake and bought me a couple wheel chairs, because if one if good than why not two. Great I was now versatile. One was a light weight chair that mom could easily lift to get in and out of the car and the other was an electric Jazzy that I could cruise around on.

Of course they let me use ta transfer board to get from my bed to the wheel chair to use the toilet after several days of being stuck in bed! By now I had devised longer transfer boards and after I got out of the care Gulag had Jeannie take me to Home Depot and bought some boards to get creative so I could be productive while being a full time cripple!

I made some long transfer boards so I could get in and out of the car. Then I figured out how to get from my Jazzy which let me get back to work.