The Bathroom Is Occupied...

We continued on to Laramie and got a room in a dilapidated old motel form the 40’s that was a total rip off but did have a very nice new memory foam mattress on the bed. One inch air gaps under the door, old curtains and no elevator. We of course were upstairs, still used keys not cars on the doors, hard to find parking for the truck and trailer and after all that the price was $80 a night.

We whined and left the next am and headed for home. Stopped in beautiful Rock Springs for lunch at Cafe Rio ( my stomach was back on track and I could eat)I had drunk a lot of Diet Coke and needed a bathroom but it was in use and I couldn't wait so headed for the parking lot to sneak like my grandson Porter by the trailer. Unfortunately I was too much in the open and while trying to hide managed to pee all over myself, but I got relief.

Going back into Cafe Rio with wet pants wasn’t fooling anyone who bothered to look but I was in a cowboy country so who cared anyway? We ate and it was good and headed home for an uneventful remaining trip. Home looked very very welcoming and beautiful as we drove in the driveway and watched and listened as the loose concrete bumped and clumped as we traveled over it with our heavy load, but we were home at last!