Truck and boat

Truck and boat

Why store in Provo when you live in Salt Lake City? Simply because it is so much cheaper with sooooo much wider aisles and bigger doors to your storage spaces that you can probably get to us and park your unit and get home faster than you can try and negotiate those narrow aisles and short doors in other places making you have to lower your ski tower etc etc.

We cater to Boat and RV owners in Draper, Midvale, Sandy, Bluffdale, West Jordan, South Jordan and Salt Lake and want your business!

We have the highest security in the State for the safety of your precious things to boot and with six onsite managers who are there 24/7 and 14 Hi tech Security cameras as well as electrified barbed wire fences and computerized entry codes, you can be assured that someone is always watching over your cool stuff! Lakeside Storage specializes in Boats Travel trailers and RVs and our aisles being 3-5 times wider than other places proves it. We have more bigger Units than anyone in the State and are so convenient to get to off the Freeway. Just take exit 265 west off of I-15 and go west directly to us just before Utah Lake State Park. You have to pass us to get to Lake Powell or Utah Lake so this is a natural place to store and especially for the winter! Our low low prices are meant to entice you for the long haul.

Reserve your place NOW and ask for the INTERNET SPECIAL for "out of towner".

AAA Lakeside Storage Provo, Utah