We bought this Carbon Fiber racing model P-51 mustang from the Estate of a war hero that had 3 Purple Hearts , as well as a bronze and silver Stars for bravery.
The P-51 was the finest, fastest and most advanced fighter plane every built and with its 1680 hp Merlin engine, made by Rolls Royce, it was the fastest plane in WWII. It out gunned and out flew any of its rivals and dramatically helped turn the war in the Allies favor.
We were very fortunate to have this plane offered to the Lakeside Storage Museum by the wife of its owner after he died an unexpected death in 2014.
The famous Flying Tiger shark mouth as well as the red tail paint were added by us to remind us of many of our heroes that have kept America and the world free from tyrants. God Bless America!

P51 Mustange Airplane.JPG