Butler Gas Pump

I actually purchased this cute Butler Gas Pump almost a year ago over the phone, but since it was all the way up in Montana had hoped that I would find other stuff to go get at the same time so I waited patiently (or not so patiently) to go get it. Finally last week we jumped in my truck to beat the snow and went to get it and another pump I bought from the same collector. While there I also bought a pretty decent 6' Phillips sign. We arrived just before the snow hit and loaded up and left to get over the mountain to stay the night in Idaho where the storm caught us.

Butler Gas Pump.jpg

1910 Gilbert and Barker Visible Pump


This is a cute 1910-1915 Gilbert and Barker pre visible gas pump sporting the beautiful Crown globe used by Standard Oil. The globe is original as is the fabric covered hose. The pump belonged to an avid Salt Lake collector who died a few years ago and we bought this pump from his son.
These early pumps had no way of viewing the fuel passing through them and were not used much after the visible pumps became available in the late teens. We feel lucky to have this one in the Lakeside Storage Collection

1910 Gilbert and Barker Visible Pump.JPG