Butler Gas Pump

I actually purchased this cute Butler Gas Pump almost a year ago over the phone, but since it was all the way up in Montana had hoped that I would find other stuff to go get at the same time so I waited patiently (or not so patiently) to go get it. Finally last week we jumped in my truck to beat the snow and went to get it and another pump I bought from the same collector. While there I also bought a pretty decent 6' Phillips sign. We arrived just before the snow hit and loaded up and left to get over the mountain to stay the night in Idaho where the storm caught us.

Butler Gas Pump.jpg

1942 Half Track


This 1942 White half Track was used in The European assault during WWII with the American armored division. It originally weighed about 34,000 lbs and was armed with a 50 cal and two 30 cal machine guns. They were built of 1/4" armor plate and designed to travel at up to 50 mph. We found this in Mt Pleasant Utah. After the war these could be purchased from the government very inexpensively and were often used by farmers to pull plows etc. obviously they stripped off the heavy armament for farm use.

1942 Half Track Truck.jpg


We bought this Carbon Fiber racing model P-51 mustang from the Estate of a war hero that had 3 Purple Hearts , as well as a bronze and silver Stars for bravery.
The P-51 was the finest, fastest and most advanced fighter plane every built and with its 1680 hp Merlin engine, made by Rolls Royce, it was the fastest plane in WWII. It out gunned and out flew any of its rivals and dramatically helped turn the war in the Allies favor.
We were very fortunate to have this plane offered to the Lakeside Storage Museum by the wife of its owner after he died an unexpected death in 2014.
The famous Flying Tiger shark mouth as well as the red tail paint were added by us to remind us of many of our heroes that have kept America and the world free from tyrants. God Bless America!

P51 Mustange Airplane.JPG

1910 Gilbert and Barker Visible Pump


This is a cute 1910-1915 Gilbert and Barker pre visible gas pump sporting the beautiful Crown globe used by Standard Oil. The globe is original as is the fabric covered hose. The pump belonged to an avid Salt Lake collector who died a few years ago and we bought this pump from his son.
These early pumps had no way of viewing the fuel passing through them and were not used much after the visible pumps became available in the late teens. We feel lucky to have this one in the Lakeside Storage Collection

1910 Gilbert and Barker Visible Pump.JPG

Roman Column

Roman Column.JPG

This famous "Roman Column" Wayne Model 491 gas pump was the fanciest and most beautiful gas pump ever built by the Wayne Pump Company. It was built in the early 1920s and while the Column is actually of Greek design, it is called a Roman Column. Our Pump originally came from a Salt Lake City Supplier and was sold to the State Line Service Station in Wendover NV in the 1920s where a previous Employee of the Station purchased it as a memoir because both he and his father had worked at the Station as young men. When he found that his father had never actually pumped gas with it he lost interest and sold it to us at Lakeside a Storage in 2014 for our Collection.
The Pump has a 10 gal glass cylinder on the top in to which the operator pumps the gas and visually approves of it before dispensing it in to his vehicle. Remember that there were no filters in those days and lots of gas was very dirty and plugged carburetors. These were hand lever operated pumps and required no electricity. The fuel generally contained tetra ethyl lead to keep engine pinging down but was very toxic and is no longer used. These pumps are very rare and valuable selling at more than $25,000 these days! We feel very fortunate to have one at the Lakeside a storage Free Museum.

Island Pump

Island Pump.jpg

We bought this cute Island Pump up in Idaho a while back and finally gave up on finding and American globe for it and settled today for the Chevron globe in the pics. I don't think they made a lot of these pumps and certainly not for very long. We've seen a few of them but they always seem priced too high. We bought this one with several other pumps and signs as a package deal so it came out better? Depends on how much one allocates for each item I guess? The fun was in the hunt anyway.