Looking for a place to store your Christmas gifts and Holiday Decor?

Are you trying to decide which storage facility is going to work best for your family and give you the most bang for your buck? Lakeside Storage is unlike most storage facilities in Utah County. With our unit sizes ranging from 5X8s to 13X70s and prices that beat our competitors you're sure to find the perfect size for your belongings. Our property is enclosed by a high voltage electric fence with computerized gate access to enter for maximum security. Throughout the property we also have over a dozen cameras with 24 hour monitoring and recording. But the one thing that really sets Lakeside apart from our competitors is our 6 friendly on-site managers who do rounds twice a day to make sure everything in the park is in check! Come check out Lakeside Storage for yourself Monday through Saturday 9AM to 6PM and let us help you reclaim your space!

Need an Extra Garage?

Ready to park your car in the garage? Or just want your table top back? Come down to Lakeside and rent a 10X20 unit for only $115 a month (regularly $129 a month). With the space of a single car garage you can reclaim the space in your house from all of your unused items! 

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is right around the corner and Lakeside Storage is prepared to save you BIG with unbeatable pricing! Give yourself more room at home by storing less used items such as skis, Christmas decorations, your warm winter clothing and more. Come in today and get a 5x8 for only $43 a month! Or a 8x40 for only $115 a month instead of $134! There are always guaranteed savings when you choose to store Lakeside Storage!

Forget Something? Lakeside Can Help!

Moving can be stressful and we know its easy to forget the little things to protect your items in storage! Lakeside Storage proudly retails the following items:

  • Single Locks $12
  • Double Locks $20
  • Rodent Poison $3
  • Oil Spill Cleaner $4
  • 10x20 Plastic Cover $5
  • 9x12 Plastic Cover $3

Not a Water Leak, Just Condensation

As you are storing in a non-climate controlled unit, we recommend that you make sure your items are protected from mother nature's weather! Lately our weather has been below 40 degrees at night and sunshine during the day. As a safety precaution we ask that you check your self storage units with care, make sure your items are covered, sealed, and protected from any climate frost or condensation. Our office sells 9x12 plastic covers for $3 that we recommend to lay over any items you want to keep from any condensation drops this winter! Happy winter! 

Condensation Drop.png

A New Year, a New You

The new year is coming up, and we all know that what means.... DECLUTTERING TIME!!

But seriously, does your world feel like this:

hording Photos.jpg

But it probably looks more like this: 


Well, we can totally help you with that!! Renting a storage unit is the perfect way to DECLUTTER YOUR HOUSE!! Decluttering will make your house look like this: 

clean house.jpg

Storing your stuff will make it so you don't have to throw away all the things you know you'll need, but you don't need now. FOR INSTANCE: Christmas trees, Gift wrap, present your mother-in-law gave you, but you don't want to put it up in your house, but you know she will ask about it next Christmas... WE GET IT. 

Come #reclaimyourspace with #LakesideStorage!


Merry Christmas!

Dear avid followers and those who have loved our DEALS OF CHRISTMAS,

Unfortunately our deals are over after this last one, but first, we wanted to wish you and your families a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! 


Deal #12, Leave Google review, be entered to win a free t-shirt. Current tenants, did you know that if you leave a Google AND Yelp review you get $20 off next months rent? So if you leave a review, you now not only get $20 off, you can also win A FREE SHIRT!!! That's a big thank you to Mr. Clause. 


**Beginner's will be announced beginning of January **





Today's deal?? Tag us in your photos of you AT THE MUSEUM and be entered to win a free t-shirt!!  WHO DOESN'T LOVE FREE T-SHIRTS?!? We know, you're just as excited as the cat is in this video! 

** winners announced beginning of January **



Christmas DEAL #6

Just 6 more Christmas DEALS from Lakeside Storage make sure to follow us on Facebook @AAA Lakeside Storage and Instagram @lakeside_storage so you can stay caught up with the recent DEALS!





Refer a NEW friend to Lakeside Storage, and be entered in a drawing for $10 OFF January RENT!!

We are dreaming of a WHITE Christmas

Here at Lakeside Storage we are wondering if we are going to have a white Christmas this season? There doesn't look like much snow in the forecast this holiday season. However, it is Utah and things are always changing just like our 12 Days of Christmas Deals. TODAY is Deal #5 Rent a 10x20 for the lowest price, PLUS get $5 off January rent. ***Only until supplies last

The FIRST "Deal" of Christmas...

For the first "deal" of Christmas Lakeside Storage is giving to you $5 off January when you rent a 5X8 unit for only $43 a month while supplies last (standard price is $56 a month). That's right, $43 EVERY MONTH during your lease with us! Come in tomorrow to help us kick off our 12 "Deals" of Christmas and rent your 5X8 unit to reclaim your space for the holidays! 

12 "DEALS" of Christmas

Ring in the New Year with Lakesides 12 "DEALS" of Christmas! We're bringing you savings and giveaways for the next 12 DAYS! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or our Blog to take advantage of every day! And don't miss out on day 12, we promise its BIG!