Want to do a Photo Shoot at Lakeside Storage?


Please contact the office for further questions, 801.377.5900

FAQs from Photographers

  1. Do you allow photographers to come and take pictures? Yes! We do request you come during office hours, Monday-Saturday 9:00 am-6:00 pm.
  2. Do we have a location fee? Yes! Our location fee is $25, per 10 people. 
  3. Can we come not during office hours? We request you come during office hours, but if you contact the office prior to coming, we might be able to accommodate your needs (Additional fees may apply). 
  4. Do we allow cars  inside the premise? Unfortunately, we do not. You can have a car parked in the front of the facility.
  5. Do we have a bathroom for changing? Nope. Sorry! 
  6. Do you have to sign an agreement? Yes! Click the link above to look over it. Feel free to print it and bring it with you (filled out) when you come to the facility.