Hello Everyone! My name is Adam

Oct 5, 2018Self Storage0 comments

As you probably have seen and heard there is a new manager couple on site. I have been working here for about a month and it has been great getting to know everyone here at Lakeside Storage! My wife and I are so grateful to be able to work and live here.

In case you wanted to know a little bit more about me here it goes. I am originally from Salt Lake. Lived there for most of my life. I also lived in South Korea for two years while I served an LDS mission. I did grow up to be a University of Utah fan. Still am. I am really into movies everything technology. I’ve had a couple of jobs as a web developer. So if you have any questions about making a website feel free to ask.

Well hope you are all ready for the winter season that is a head of us and thanks for choosing Lakeside Storage. Oh by the way there is an AUCTION coming up tomorrow!!! We have a couple of units that are going to be auctioned off.