Is this you??? Let us help!

Apr 6, 2018Self Storage0 comments

End of school is coming and trust me, I know you are in stress mode! You have to pass your classes, you have to move out of your apartment DURING THE WEEK OF FINALS, and you are going back home for the summer. To top it all off, you have to drive a Toyota Corolla that will NOT hold all of your stuff while you go back home. Seriously, do you feel like this when you’re packing???

Here, let us help you! Do not try to pack up your whole life/apartment up into your car, especially since you will be back in a few months! Have you ever heard of SELF-STORAGE??

Down here at Lakeside Storage, we have units in all sizes that can help you! This will save you time and effort! Then you won’t have to move your bed back and forth! We WANT to help you, so… we will give you a discounted rate plus a special promotion if you rent with us! Any student that cane shows us their school ID will receive this discount and special promotion! (It’s simple, mention this blog post and you’re golden!)