Lost glasses and Good Friends…

Nov 13, 2018Museum0 comments

I was to meet Jon Anderson who had a couple of signs I had bought and also had to meet the guy coming from Hannibal who had the missing SOC sign I had bought months before. I met Jon at 8am and we loaded up his signs and I headed back to the hotel to await the arrival of Mark who had the SOC.

He finally arrived and we easily loaded it up after a quick trip to Harbor Freight to buy some more clams and to Home Depot for a couple of 2×4’s.

I am always amazed at how complicated Siri can make a simple trip become. She doesn’t use the right off ramps and winds us all over town just making a simple trip to the store? Amazing!

We finally got everything loaded and left for Omaha to go to Gas Pump Heaven to see Andy and Diane before heading home. Of course they were out of Red Indian globes, which is what I wanted, but we got a very nice visit with two wonderful friends before heading off for Laramie.

With the big load we were now getting about 8 mile to the gallon but still able to travel at 75-80 MPH down the road. WE stopped at Round top where we had spent the night the year before on the side of the road in a blizzard that closed I-80 and mom lost her glasses. I was determined to find them as I knew exactly where we had parked!

Unfortunately is was dark but I had a flash light and we searched and searched but think that the mower had likely thrown them far into the weeds during the year. It was a long shot at best but worth a try and I had not forgotten the event at all. Time didn’t diminish the intensity of the event even after a year!