Our Top 2 Recommended Items for Your Unit

Nov 17, 2018Self Storage0 comments

We love our tenants and want to help protect their items! Here are our top 2 items that we wish all tenants would place inside their units. Our first, mouse poison! Although we don’t have a “mouse problem” we are located in the middle of fields and highly recommend every unit have a pack or two of rodent poison. If every unit took the precaution mice would steer clear of our facility! Second, a cover! With weather fluctuations condensation is very possible! We recommend placing a plastic cover over your items to prevent any condensation drops from getting on or inside your items. Both of these items are sold inside our office for tenant convenience! We sell packets of rodent poison for only $3 and plastic covers for $3-5. Taking the extra precaution will always pay off when renting self storage!