So, Why Should You Look Into Self-Storage?

Mar 22, 2018Self Storage0 comments

Admit it. You have been keeping your Christmas decorations in your garage. You have been telling yourself that you will move them when Spring has sprung…. well I have something to tell you, Spring is about a week away, and we want to help you be prepared!

If you are anything like me, you really hate throwing away things. You constantly think, what if you need it later! I can’t throw it away! This is why we both need a storage unit.

Our storage units come in all different sizes, which means we can hold all different types of things- Christmas decorations, toys, pictures, furniture, cars, boats, RV’s, trailers, and even Semi’s.

Storing your stuff, means you don’t have to throw it away, which means you can keep it forever!!

We are open Monday-Saturday, ready to store your Christmas decorations until you need them again.

See you soon,

Lakeside Management