Storage Tips for Moving

Moving home can be a stress management exercise. No matter how much preparation you do, there never seems to be enough time, hands, or space. That’s when we turn to online moving advice, to try and save ourselves some gray hair on the big day.

Do you want to save some space? Would you like to make the most of the space in your next move? Learn about fantastic tips and be prepared to change your packaging.

Roll up your clothes.

Do you want to pack your clothes in a way that saves the most space on the way to your new accommodation? So, it’s only right that we write this list with tip number one for better packing: instead of folding your clothes, roll up them.

Did you know that rolled clothes can take up 50% less space in your luggage? Not all dresses are the same, of course, and many items cannot be rolled. Expensive branded clothing should remain in their protective boxes and containers. But when it comes to everyday clothing, roll it up on compact little spools and get ready to see how much space you’ll save.

Alternatively, if you have many dresses and suits, leave these clothes on their hangers in the closet while you move in.

Move-in with full suitcases.

Never travel with empty luggage. Why would you do it? They are perfectly suitable for storing clothes and tons of other small or heavy things that would otherwise take up a lot of space. Most of the time, suitcases are ideal storage options for books, consoles, household items and trinkets.

Also, you can save much more storage space in your suitcases with vacuum bags for clothes. Flattened suits and other clothing items can be layered in your boxes, suitcases, or other containers close together, making it the secret weapon of a compact move.

Order in advance

Throwing old and unused things off your home before moving day is a perfect way to save time and reduce stress on moving day. Beyond all that, planning is a fantastic way, too. To save money, and it also makes unpacking a lot easier!

But where to get rid of everything? You can get rid of what you don’t need by donating, recycling, or throwing away. Many places are willing to accept second-hand items, and there are also many people interested in buying them.

Transport light things in drawers

When packing, another good space-saving option is to put and transport lightweight items in your closet or desk drawers. Depending on their size, you can choose to put any number of items in the drawers. Just remember to tape them shut while you move in.

Only carry lightweight, sturdy items inside the drawers to prevent them from breaking and shifting. Once again, vacuum packaging can create a compact and reliable way to keep these items separate and packaged as compactly as possible.

Clothes, towels, and blankets as packaging materials

For the last entry on this list of best ways to pack, we’d like to direct you to your clothes. Use small items like towels, blankets, and bedding to pack other items or fill cardboard boxes.

You’re carrying these squishy things from one place to another, so why not use them to safeguard the rest of the items? Wrap fragile things in thick towels. Fill the gaps in your boxes with delicate items and wrap clean, thick socks on fragile items, like glasses.

Tips for moving

The more space you can save when you move, the less you will have to bring, worry, and look when you get to your new house. I hope you’re ready when the big day comes, with the assistance of today’s post.