This little girl just turned three and gets to have a fun night out with her daddy.  First stop was AAA Lakeside Storage for some great photos that she can look back on and remember that time when her daddy could pick her up and make her laugh in an instant.

What is it that makes you happy? Is it when you go on vacation? Or could it be when you clean out a room? I personally love both and both make me happy.  Taking that box of stuff I don’t use often and getting it out of the space that I need helps me feel joyful and free! It might be getting a great discount which AAA Lakeside Storage is currently offering with our Shop In Utah specials.

Whatever it is that brings a smile on your face we hope you have many moments this week in that space.  If we can help at AAA Lakeside Storage by renting you a unit to clean out your stuff at a price that you can’t pass up may we will both end up with a smile on our face:)